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EnerGuide Room Air Conditioner Directory 2011

How to Use the EnerGuide Ratings

Once you’ve determined the type (window, casement or through-the-wall) and capacity (see “Worksheet 1”) of room air conditioner you’ll need, the listings can help in two ways:

  • If you know the brand name or model number of the unit you prefer, look it up in the directory. You can then compare its EER with others of the same type with a similar cooling capacity.
  • If you don't have a specific brand or model in mind, review the listings to determine which models meet your cooling-capacity needs. Then check and compare the EERs of these units to determine which are most energy efficient.

For ease of reference, units are grouped by cooling capacity and brand. For each level of cooling capacity, the models of each brand are listed in order of efficiency, beginning with the most efficient – ENERGY STAR® qualified models.

Copy the details of your top two choices into the appropriate sections of “My Shopping Notes (Worksheet 3)”. Take the sheet along when you shop to add details about features, purchase price and lifetime operating cost. Analysing the data you've entered on the sheet will help you select the most economical and energy-efficient model.

EERs in this directory are based on tests that replicate room air-conditioner use as closely as possible. Actual energy consumption may vary, however, depending on how and where the unit is installed, how it's used and maintained and other factors.

More Than 900 Models

This directory contains information on all new room air conditioners sold in Canada as of December 2009.

For information on ENERGY STAR qualified models introduced after this date, visit

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