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Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines

Purchasing Tips

  • When leasing vending machines, you should request that your supplier provide energy efficient models, such as ENERGY STAR® labelled machines. Sample language for a request for proposal can be obtained from the ENERGY STAR Web page.

  • A listing of all the ENERGY STAR labelled vending machines is available on the Web. This database lists the manufacturers, model names and numbers, door type, vending capacity and daily energy use of all available qualified machines. This database can be used to identify which manufacturers and models are ENERGY STAR qualified.

  • The ENERGY STAR simple savings calculator can be used to estimate the energy savings, dollar savings and payback when switching to an ENERGY STAR labelled vending machine.

  • When selecting a vending machine, ensure that it is equipped with a low-power mode option. The low-power mode reduces the energy use of the vending machine during times of inactivity. The low-power mode can reduce energy use by an additional 20 percent and is available on most new vending machines.

  • For vending machines not equipped with low-power controls, external control devices such as the VendingMiser can be purchased and connected to the vending machine. The VendingMiser is an external controller that has an infrared occupancy sensor that deactivates the lights in the vending machine and prevents unnecessary compressor cycling when it senses no traffic in the vicinity of the machine for an extended period. Electricity costs are reduced by approximately 40 percent compared with units without controls. The largest savings are in areas that have infrequent operation or are unoccupied during weekends and weeknights. High-traffic areas with constant occupancy will experience lower savings.

  • Select vending machines that have T-8 lighting with electronic ballasts.
    T-8 lighting with electronic ballasts can save over 15 percent energy use compared to machines with T-12 lights and magnetic ballasts.

  • When selecting glass-front vending machines, look for machines that have three-pane, argon-filled, low-emissivity glass instead of standard two-pane, air-filled glass. This improvement results in an increase in U-value from 2.8 (W/m2.K) to 1.3 (W/m2.K).

  • The California Energy Commission has a listing of vending machines with their capacity, daily energy use and lighting type. This database is available from their Web page and can be used to help select energy-efficient equipment.

  • BC Hydro offers a $30 rebate for VendingMiser units purchased and installed in British Columbia under the Power Smart Program.