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CADDET Canadian Case Studies

CADDET technical case study results describe proven energy-saving technologies from around the world. The original publications were produced in Europe, but the following Canadian titles are available in English and French.

D025 Energy-efficient advanced house with integrated mechanical system (Ontario) 1992

D035 Hydrogen fuel cell powered transit bus (British Columbia) 1996

D039 Anaerobic treatment of waste in flexography industry (Quebec) 1997

D041 Energy-efficient and environmentally responsible office building (Ontario) 1997

R064 Computer controlled HVAC in the Ottawa Courthouse (Ontario) 1991

R106 Computer control system for continuous and semi-continuous grain dryers (Ontario) 1992

R107 Natural gas fired rapid heater for metals (Quebec) 1992

R113 DSM technology benefits steel producer (Ontario) 1992

R114 Baking composites with high power density resistance heating (Quebec) 1992

R118 Seawater cooling system for buildings (Nova Scotia) 1992

R122 Geothermal mine water as an energy source for heat pumps (Nova Scotia) 1992

R125 Steam-condensate closed system (Quebec) 1995

R128 Regenerative type heat recuperation in a retort furnace (Ontario) 1993

R138 Energy efficiency in a carpet mill (Nova Scotia) 1993

R149 Refrigeration heat recovery system (Ontario) 1993

R154 Natural gas systems for farm vehicles (Saskatchewan) 1993

R164 Pulp mill clarifier sludge dewatering using a ring press (Quebec) 1993

R228 Solar collector heats ventilation air (Ontario) 1995

R258 Hot process water through fuel optimisation (Quebec) 1993

R261 Compact immersion tubes used to pasteurise apple juice (Quebec) 1997

R264 Tyres used as fuel in cement factory (Quebec) 1997

R272 Terminator technology improves supermarket refrigeration system (Quebec) 1997

R285 Dual fan and duct ventilation system at Canadian Space Agency (Quebec) 1997

R286 Energy savings with new industrial paint drying and baking oven (Quebec) 1997

R289 Heat pumps coupled to heat exchanger save energy at a school (Quebec) 1997

R292 On-site system for reclaiming engine oil (Ontario) 1998

R296 Energy-saving technology for skating rinks (Quebec) 1998

R298 Energy-saving requirements determine building design (British Colombia) 1998

R299 Geothermal heating and cooling for Montreal's Biosphere (Quebec) 1998

R304 Demonstration of a gas-engine-driven chiller (Ontario) 1998

R306 Innovative housing technology (Manitoba) 1998

R315 Greenhouse climate control systems (Quebec) 1998

R321 Energy savings in a water filtration plant (Quebec) 1998

R329 Step-by-step energy conservation for Ottawa schools (Ontario) 1999

R330 Direct-contact water heater at Sacré-Coeur Hospital (Quebec) 1999

R331 Reclamation of foundry sand using natural gas (Quebec) 1999

R336 World's largest solar wall at Canadair facility (Quebec) 1999

R339 Energy-saving measures at ice rink (Ontario) 1999

R343 Waste hydrogen in dryers at chemical plant (Quebec) 1999

R344 Variable-speed drives for chillers (Ontario) 1999

R346 Large four-phase retrofit at Toronto schools (Ontario) 1999

R348 Canadian homes save energy with communicating thermostats (Canada) 1999

R349 Optimising the reduction process in an aluminium plan (Quebec) 1999

R352 Ultra-filtration system treats industrial water (Quebec) 1999

R355 University of Ottawa installs new type of heat-recovery system (Ontario) 1999

R357 Powersaver energy-saving device for idle computer monitors (Ontario) 1999

R364 Unlikely location for smart building (Quebec) 1999

R365 Canadian building saves energy using ground-source heat pump (Quebec) 1999

R381 Highly efficient filtration for paper mills (Quebec) 2000

R382 Energy management at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Alberta) 2000

R384 Chiller and rotary-drum air dryers provide electrical energy savings(Quebec) 2000

R387 Heat recovery and CO2 generation at a greenhouse complex (Quebec) 2000

R393 Production of 25 MW of electricity using landfill gas (Quebec) 2000

R394 Expert furnace system optimises steelmaking process (Ontario) 2000

R405 Powder metallurgy at automotive parts plant (Ontario) 2001

R409 Rehabilitation of an old industrial building with geothermal heat pumps (Quebec) 2001

R411 Geothermal heat pump system for the Hydro-Québec Administrative Center (Quebec) 2001

R412 Power utility office converted to a groundwater heat pump system (New Brunswick) 2001

R413 Geothermal heat pump system installed in an historical building (Quebec) 2001

R415 Optimising the HVAC system at the Bibliothèque nationale du Quebec (Quebec) 2001

R416 Heat pump used to drain contaminated sludge in a steel factory (Quebec) 2001

R417 Increased production and reduced emissions using gas-fired scrap preheater (Ontario) 2001

R418 Unique ground-source heat pump system at real-estate office (Ontario) 2001

R427 Economical water heating system for fish farm (Quebec)

R432 Free cooling of a commercial building (Quebec)

R433 Intelligent controller heats vehicle engines for less (Manitoba)

R434 Optimised control built into a new energy-efficient building (Quebec)

R437 Green building design saves energy and the environment (Ontario)

R438 Ultra-high efficiency direct contact water heater (Quebec)

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