Program Details

Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program

Objectives and Description:

This Program offers direct, no-charge installation of energy-efficient products across Alberta, in rural and urban houses, apartments and condos. An Energy Efficiency Alberta installer will visit the home and conduct a walkthrough to identify potential opportunities for energy-efficient upgrades at no charge. Upgrades include:
  • Replacing existing incandescent nightlights, lightbulbs and exit signs with ENERGY STAR® LED products
  • Replacing inefficient shower heads with high-efficiency shower heads
  • Installing faucet aerators if no aerator is present
  • Replacing a traditional power bar with an advanced power bar
  • Replacing a non-programmable thermostat with a smart (self-adjusting) thermostat

Type of Program:

  • Financial Incentive
  • Retrofit


  • Residential
Date of Update: 02-11-2017

For more information contact:

Energy Efficiency Alberta

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