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Empower Me

Objectives and Description:

Empower Me is an energy conservation program, funded primarily by FortisBC, specifically for South Asian and Chinese families who are not familiar with the equipment common in North American homes: furnaces, hot water tanks, and thermostats. Through the program, Energy Mentors, who are themselves members of the South Asian and Chinese communities:
  • provide one-to-one energy-efficiency education in the participant's own language
  • develop a long term energy savings plan for each participant
  • provide energy-saving measures including aerators for faucets, energy-saving showerheads, draft-proofing supplies,
  • help participants find and apply for grant and rebate programs for which they may qualify.

Type of Program:

  • Advice
  • Awareness/Information
  • Energy Management and Monitoring


  • Residential
Date of Update: 02-11-2017

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