Program Details

Ontario's Municipal Energy Plan Program (MEP)

Objectives and Description:

This Program is designed to help municipalities better understand their local energy use, identify opportunities for energy efficiency and clean energy, and develop plans to meet their goals. The MEP Program has two funding streams:
  1. Funding Stream to Develop a New Municipal Energy Plan - This stream provides successful applicants with funding for 50 percent of eligible costs, up to a maximum of $90,000 to develop a municipal energy plan.
  2. New Funding Stream to Enhance an Existing Energy Plan - The Ministry is introducing a second funding stream for municipalities that have already developed a complete or partial Municipal Energy Plan, Climate Action Plan or other energy plan. This funding is for enhancing an existing energy plan, such as updating utility or structure data and/or creating new implementation plans or maps. Successful applicants to this stream will receive 50 percent of eligible costs, up to a maximum of $25,000.

Type of Program:

  • Financial Incentive


  • Industrial
Date of Update: 02-11-2017

For more information contact:

Government of Ontario, Ministry of Energy

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