Program Details

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Objectives and Description:

Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency supports building owners in the commercial and institutional sectors. Some of our activities include:
  • training for industry professionals
  • free technical publications and case studies on energy-efficient practices and technologies
  • development of a energy rating and labelling system
  • collaborative relationships with provinces/territories, utilities, non-government organizations
  • maintaining a network of energy management service providers across the country
  • encouraging the optimisation of building systems
  • promotion of energy performance contracting to help finance projects in large facilities

Type of Program:

  • Awareness/Information
  • Energy Management and Monitoring
  • Training/Technical Assistance


  • Commercial/Institutional
Date of Update: 02-11-2017

For more information contact:

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE)

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