Program Details

HAT Smart Program - Scratch and Win Rebate

Objectives and Description:

This Program seeks to educate consumers and promote energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives. Incentives are offered to City of Medicine Hat Electric and Natural Gas Utility customers to make better choices regarding upgrades to their home.

Applicants who purchase a qualified energy conservation or renewable energy item will receive a scratch ticket available in denominations of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%, to a maximum of $100. Items are listed on the web site and include: equipment and power bars; home heating and cooling; and lighting and timers.

Type of Program:

  • Awareness/Information
  • Financial Incentive
  • Rebate
  • Retrofit


  • Residential
Date of Update: 02-11-2017

For more information contact:

City of Medicine Hat
(403) 502-8799

Web address: