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Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

  1. Fixed Commercial Incentives for Space Heating

    Enbridge natural gas commercial consumers are eligible to apply for fixed incentives on high-efficiency heating system upgrades (including ENERGY STAR® certified products).
  2. Fixed Commercial Incentives for Water Heating

    This Program offers rewards and rebates for small businesses that upgrade to high-efficiency water heating equipment (including ENERGY STAR® certified products).
  3. Greenhouse Program

    This Program provides a flexible incentive structure that can be customized to meet a plant's particular needs. Financial incentives are provided for:
    • Audits, assessments and engineering analysis to identify and quantify thermal energy efficiency oppo...
  4. Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program

    This Program makes it easy and affordable for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their home, lower their energy bills and lessen their home's impact on the environment. Qualified homeowners can take advantage of valuable incentives of up to...
  5. Home Winterproofing Program

    The Program is free to all qualifying homes (those heated by natural gas) and households meeting the income eligibility requirements. Enbridge will pay for the cost of the energy efficiency improvements, such as insulation and draft proofing measures.<...
  6. Industrial Advantage

    Enbridge will provide its industrial customers with a dedicated Energy Solutions Consultant (ESC) who will work to develop a solution that meets customers' unique energy, budget and cost savings objectives. Some of the free services an ESC can provide ...
  7. Industrial Fixed Incentives Program

    This Program provides incentives designed to help offset the cost of energy efficiency upgrades that will reduce the amount of natural gas consumed by an industrial facility. Incentives are available on:
    • Air doors/air curtains
    • Heat recovery ventilat...
  8. Ozone Laundry

    This Program offers a financial incentive for the installation of an ozone laundry system (piece of equipment that is added on to an existing commercial washing machine) in a facility. The advantages of such a system include reducing hot water consumpt...
  9. RunitRight Program

    This Program enhances an existing building's systems to find energy efficiencies. It analyzes the building's energy performance to identify, implement and monitor low- and no-cost operational improvements that can lead to five per cent energy savings. ...
  10. Savings by Design for Commercial Builders

    This Program supports commercial builders with expertise and performance incentives by designing sustainability into new commercial construction projects. It provides up to $60,000 in incentives including an integrated design process. This support allo...