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FortisBC - Natural Gas - For Homes

  1. Switch 'n' Shrink Program

    This Program offers financial incentives to homeowners who switch their existing oil or propane heating system to a new ENERGY STAR® rated high-efficiency heating system. Eligible applicants could receive up to $1,300 in rebates when they switch to nat...

FortisBC - Natural Gas and Electricity - For Building Professionals & Trades

  1. New Home Program

    This Program, in collaboration with BC Hydro Power Smart, encourages customers to build energy-efficient homes (to ENERGY STAR standards). Incentives are available for the construction of new single family homes, row homes, duplexes and townhouses. Cus...

FortisBC - Natural Gas and Electricity - For Homes

  1. Home Renovations

    This Program provides a wide variety of rebates to help homeowners make it easy to reduce their ongoing energy costs, and improve the comfort of their home. Rebates are available for insulation, as well as ventilation and space and water heating upgrad...

GLOBE (Green Light on a Better Environment)

  1. Community Champion Program

    This Program brings together residents and staff in planning and promoting activities that engage the community as a whole in sustainable behaviour and choices. By promoting energy-efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation, Community Champions...

Gaz Métro

  1. Combo System Grant

    This Program offers a grant of $250 for the purchase and installation of a standard tankless water heater installed in combo mode (water heater is combined with a fan coil unit that heats the air). The Program also offers a grant of $550 to install a c...
  2. Condensing Boiler Grant

    This Program offers financial incentives towards the purchase of energy-efficient natural gas condensing boilers that help improve a building's energy performance. Ideal for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects, condensing boil...
  3. Development and Technical Assistance Program, DATECH

    This Program offers companies the best solutions and the most productive technological opportunities to improve their energy efficiency and performance. Services provided include: setting up an energy budget to assess available savings; research and as...
  4. Energy-Efficient Renovations Grant

    This program is aimed at encouraging renovations that will improve the thermal envelope of buildings to make them more energy efficient. It offers financial assistance for energy efficient work on the building envelope, such as: replacing the windows, ...
  5. Feasibility Studies Grant

    This program helps defray part of the cost of a feasibility study covering energy efficiency measures. The study will be carried out by an engineering consulting firm accredited by Gaz Métro.
  6. Grant for a Solar Air Preheating System

    Gaz Métro is offering a grant to encourage the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system for space heating. By preheating the air supply to a ventilation system, significant savings can be achieved on the consumption of natural gas nee...