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Manitoba Hydro - Power Smart for Business

  1. Power Smart Performance Optimization Program

    This Program provides industrial and large commercial customers with the technical support and financial incentives that are necessary to identify, investigate and implement system efficiency improvements throughout a facility. The program promotes ene...
  2. Power Smart Recreation Facility Survey

    This survey was created to help ice arenas and curling rinks reduce their operating costs by providing operators with an understanding of the energy use and potential energy saving measures within the facility. Once completed by the facility, technical...
  3. Religious Buildings Initiative

    This Initiative was developed to assist religious buildings deal with the high cost of natural gas by offering an affordable energy audit and a fixed interest loan to help carry out the savings recommendations identified in the audit reports. Two level...

NB Power

  1. Appliance Meter Lending Program

    NB Power and the New Brunswick Public Library Service are pleased to offer appliance energy meters that measure how much energy appliances use. Homeowners can borrow the meters, free of charge, from any public library or bookmobile. The meter monitors ...
  2. Energy Smart Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

    This Program provides financial incentives of up to $3,000 towards an evaluation to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building and a maximum of $75,000 towards the energy retrofitting project costs.
  3. Home Insulation Energy Savings Program

    This Program provides financial incentives to homeowners of electrically heated homes who make eligible energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

    Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump (Heat Pump)
    Homeowners who do one major insulation upgrade through the...
  4. Low-Income Energy Savings Program

    This Program targets homes in need of major energy efficiency upgrades, which help low-income homeowners in New Brunswick reduce their energy use and costs. Upgrades could include a mix of:
    • Compact fluorescent lighting
    • Domestic hot water pipe insulat...
  5. Small Business Lighting Program

    This Program provides financial incentives to small businesses to offset the costs of upgrading their lighting systems and controls with energy-efficient products.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE)

  1. Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC)

    The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is a partnership between private industry and the federal Government that aims to promote and improve Canada's industrial energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy us...
  2. ENERGY STAR for Industry

    Industrial facilities located in Canada can earn ENERGY STAR certification and display the ENERGY STAR symbol, similar to those seen on appliances and electronics in the marketplace.
    Use ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) to help benchm...