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Efficiency Nova Scotia

  1. Existing Building Commissioning

    This Program encourages restoring a business' building to peak condition by monitoring and analyzing energy performance. A qualified service provider reviews the business' operating documents, temperature settings, scheduling and equipment to ensure th...
  2. Green Heat

    This Program provides homeowners using electricity to heat their homes rebates OR low interest financing to help install wood or pellet heating equipment, a heat pump, solar air heating or solar domestic water heating (ENERGY STAR certified).
  3. Green Schools Nova Scotia

    Green Schools teaches students about energy efficiency and helps schools reduce their environmental footprint. The program works with the whole school - students, staff, parents, and community members - to strengthen positive efforts already underway a...
  4. Home Energy Assessment Program

    Efficiency Nova Scotia provides support to homeowners in the form of EnerGuide evaluations, rebates, and/or low interest financing. The information and expertise from an energy advisor, and access to financial incentives help to encourage homeowners to...
  5. Home Product Rebates

    From LED lighting to clothesline kits and heat pumps, Efficiency Nova Scotia provides rebates on a wide variety of energy efficient products. Consult the web site for details of qualifying products and participating retailers.

  6. Low Income Homeowner Service

    For qualifying low income homeowners, Efficiency Nova Scotia will make upgrades to insulation, seal holes and cracks, all at no-charge. To determine which energy efficiency upgrades the low income homeowner needs, one of the Efficiency Partners will c...
  7. New Home Construction

    This Program provides expert advice to help residents make more informed choices when building their new home and encourages them to build energy efficient ones. A Certified Energy Advisor will review the building plans and provide customized recommend...
  8. Strategic Energy Management

    Organizations will be provided with technical advice, financial incentives and other resources needed to successfully implement Strategic Energy Management (SEM) within their organization. Through continuous energy performance improvements, SEM has hel...

Efficiency PEI

  1. Building Envelope Upgrade Rebate

    Efficiency PEI offers rebates for the installation of insulation, ENERGY STAR® windows & doors and air sealing improvements. Insulation rebates are based on how much and where insulation is installed.
  2. Commercial Energy Audit Program

    This Program provides financial incentives of up to $1,000 towards an evaluation to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building.