Table 16 Food Manufacturing subsector’s energy use by energy source, 2014 and 2015
Energy category Energy source 2014 energy 2015 energy Growth, 2014–2015
(PJ) (%) (PJ) (%) (%)
Natural gas Natural gas 69.6 94.0 74.1 63.3 6.4
Electricity Electricity F N/A F N/A N/A
RPP* (incl. natural gas liquids) Heavy fuel oil X N/A X N/A N/A
Middle distillates X N/A X N/A N/A
Propane X N/A X N/A N/A
Total, RPP (incl. natural gas liquids) X N/A X N/A N/A
Spent pulping liquor Spent pulping liquor 1.0 1.4 2.0 1.7 100.0
Steam and wood Steam X N/A X N/A N/A
Wood X N/A X N/A N/A
Total, steam and wood X N/A X N/A N/A
Total 74.1 100.0 117.0 100.0 58.0


Denotes data that is not applicable.
Denotes undisclosed value for confidentiality reasons.
Too unreliable to be published.


*RPP = refined petroleum products