4.3 - ATTIC
  Number of households by year of construction
1990 – 1999 2000 – 2011
Dwelling has an attic
Yes 948,804 A 1,286,434 A
No 215,504 M 220,067 M
Don't know U U
Not stated U U
Dwelling has an insulated attic
Yes - on the attic floor 676,020 A 825,535 A
Yes - on the attic walls U U
Yes - on both the attic floor and walls 114,790 M 234,995 M
No U U
Don't know 106,965 M 176,647 A
Not stated 165,407 M U


Due to rounding, the numbers may not add up and may differ slightly among tables.


The letter beside each estimate classifies its quality as follows: A–Acceptable, M–Use with caution, U–Too unreliable to be published.


2011 Survey of Household Energy Use