4.4 - GARAGE
  Number of households by region Number of households by year of construction
Manitoba / Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia Before 1950
Dwelling has a garage
Yes - attached 223,848 A 417,701 A 692,570 A 101,539 M
Yes - non-attached 208,743 A 376,985 A 159,236 M 363,834 A
Yes - not stated U U U U
No 171,584 A 295,084 A 287,258 M 608,760 A
Don't know
Not stated U U U U
Amount of insulation in the garage
Full insulation - all walls and garage doors are insulated 127,057 A 222,295 A 164,454 M 61,411 M
Full insulation - all walls but not the garage doors are insulated 96,506 A 274,451 A 300,799 M U
Partial insulation - some walls are insulated 63,617 M 101,522 M 92,206 M 69,660 M
No 139,375 A 163,269 M 149,471 M 310,097 A
Don't know U U 99,320 M U
Not stated U U U U
Garage is heated
Yes 74,387 M 195,192 M U U
No 358,543 A 626,065 A 729,247 A 453,934 A
Don't know U
Not stated U U U U
Type of garage
One-car garage 147,634 A 135,668 M 248,452 A 325,920 A
Two-car garage 270,536 A 636,786 A 502,463 M 130,541 M
Three-or-more-car garage U U U U
Don't know U U U
Not stated U U U U


Due to rounding, the numbers may not add up and may differ slightly among tables.


The letter beside each estimate classifies its quality as follows: A–Acceptable, M–Use with caution, U–Too unreliable to be published.


2011 Survey of Household Energy Use