Number of households by year of construction
1990 – 1999 2000 – 2011
Type of windows that are the majority in the dwelling
Standard single pane with a storm window U U
Standard single pane U U
Standard double pane 380,168 A 274,474 A
Standard double pane sealed unit 510,049 A 583,460 A
Standard triple pane sealed unit U U
Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating - gas filled double pane 107,206 M 154,464 A
Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating - gas filled triple pane U U
Standard gas filled double pane 102,188 M 122,772 M
Standard gas filled triple pane U U
Other U U
Don't know 208,630 M 448,417 M
Not stated U U
Age of the majority of the windows
5 years or less 126,035 M 752,397 A
6 to 10 years 53,653 M 776,800 A
11 to 15 years 501,151 A 266,745 M
16 or more 706,643 A
Don't know U U
Not stated U U
Condensation on inside surfaces of windows
Yes - on most 215,825 M 241,809 M
Yes - on some 832,201 A 786,523 A
No 1,090,411 A 1,216,369 A
Don't know U U
Not stated U U
Air leaks or drafts around windows
Yes 652,911 A 414,016 A
No 1,434,693 A 1,778,995 A
Don't know 64,409 M U
Not stated U U


Due to rounding, the numbers may not add up and may differ slightly among tables.


The letter beside each estimate classifies its quality as follows: A–Acceptable, M–Use with caution, U–Too unreliable to be published.


2011 Survey of Household Energy Use