Number of households by size of household
Two members Three members Four or more members Not stated
Households with a computer printer
Yes 3,120,618 A 1,696,148 A 2,681,106 A 530,996 A
No 693,724 A 255,910 A 291,486 M U
Not stated 177,942 M U 73,540 M U
Number of computer printers
One 2,439,778 A 1,410,856 A 2,018,734 A 421,573 M
Two 327,586 A 185,878 M 358,133 A U
Three or more U U U U
Don't know U U
Not stated 481,511 A 148,659 M 326,183 M U
Age of the most frequently used computer printer
5 years or less 2,268,343 A 1,297,701 A 2,014,641 A 386,958 M
6 to 10 years 453,636 A 258,300 A 352,025 A U
11 years or more 61,636 M U U U
Don't know U U U U
Not stated 499,861 A 194,222 M 374,083 M U
Households with an ENERGY STAR® qualified computer printer (most frequently used computer printer)
Yes 1,240,813 A 697,072 A 1,096,796 A 195,311 M
No 438,032 A 231,670 A 321,860 A U
Don't know 958,271 A 645,693 A 891,082 A U
Not stated 661,443 A 197,079 A 444,909 A U
Statement that best describes how the household uses their most frequently used computer printer
The printer is manually turned on when the computer is turned on and manually turned off when the computer is turned off 515,566 A 249,208 A 469,726 A U
When using the computer, the printer is manually turned on only when needed and then manually turned off when not needed 1,671,998 A 851,701 A 1,324,454 A 188,465 M
The printer is on or in stand-by mode all the time (even if the computer is off) 940,298 A 587,313 A 881,832 A 172,119 M
Don't know U U U U
Not stated 113,488 M U U U


Due to rounding, the numbers may not add up and may differ slightly among tables.


The letter beside each estimate classifies its quality as follows: A–Acceptable, M–Use with caution, U–Too unreliable to be published.


2011 Survey of Household Energy Use