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How Much Will I Save?

Work time Two shifts of eight hours for 250 days a year (4000 hours)
Operating factor 40 percent
Arc-on time 1600 hours per year
Idling time 2400 hours per year
Cost per kWh $0.12
Welding process SMAW (Shielded metal arc welding)
Output power 300 amps at 32 volts – 9.6 kW

Inverter-Based Power Source   Transformer-Rectifier Power Source
Weight: 34 kg   Weight: 126 kg
Energy conversion efficiency: 78.7%   Energy conversion efficiency: 51.6%
Arc-on power: 10.4 kW   Arc-on power: 18.6 kW
Idling power: 0.06 kW   Idling power: 0.87 kW
Operating Electricity Cost   Operating Electricity Cost
Welding time $1,996.80   Welding time $3,571.20
Idling time $16.42   Idling time $250.56
Annual electricity cost $2,013.22   Annual electricity cost $3,821.76
Annual electricity saving $1,808.54      
Investment   Investment
Purchase price $5,609   Purchase price $4,428
Price difference $1,181      
Payback period 8 months      

The break-even point for investment in an inverter power source equipment occurs approximately eight months after purchase. From then on, annual energy costs will remain lower.

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