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Walk-in Commercial Refrigeration

Operation and Maintenance Tips

Proper operation and regular maintenance can significantly improve the efficiency of refrigeration systems:

  • Check the operating temperature of the room regularly and adjust thermostats as needed.
  • Several times a year, clean the cooling coils and make sure that the condensation drain is not blocked.
  • Shade outdoor cooling coils from the sun.
  • Make sure that air circulates freely around the heat exchange coils, both inside the room (evaporator) and outside (air-cooled condenser).
  • Check and repair door latches and seals to ensure airtightness.

Water-Saving Tips for Water-Cooled Condensers

A small cooling tower may reduce the volume of cooling water used. The cooling tower works by evaporation: warm water from the condenser is pumped through spray nozzles. The droplets fall over the tower fill material, keeping a large water surface in contact with the air. The water in the bottom of the tower is normally cooled to within 5°C to 10°C of the outside air temperature. This method of cooling prevents valuable municipal water from being wasted down the drain. Consult with a refrigeration engineer that has installed such systems. The cooling tower system should be designed so that if the cooling tower is down for maintenance or because of freezing conditions, the condensers can still use municipal water for cooling as originally designed.

Consider Energy Efficiency Retrofits

More information on the retrofit possibilities listed below are covered in our introduction to walk-in refrigeration systems. Consider the following:

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