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Energy Efficiency Reference Guide Compressed Air

1 How this Guide is Organized

This handbook is divided into 16 main sections. The overarching theme is to help you to understand, and implement a program to improve the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. The handbook covers a mixture of theory and practice. It also includes some general case examples, glossary and references. The last chapter contains tips for those who want to optimize a compressed air system very quickly.

Theme See Chapter

Introduction to the Guidebook

2 Purpose of this Reference Guide
3 What is Compressed Air?

Compressed Air Systems and Components

4 Introduction To Compressed Air Systems
5 Air Compressor Types and Controls
6 Compressed Air Auxiliary Equipment

Reducing Energy Consumption

7 Uses and Misuses of Compressed Air

Compressed Air Assessments

8 So You Want to Perform a Compressed Air System Assessment?

Ongoing Optimization

9 Proven Energy Efficiency Improvements
10 Maintaining Compressed Air System

Case Examples

11 Before and After Case Examples
12 Next Steps


13 Glossary
14 Literature and Web References
15 Useful Measurement and Conversion Factors

Implementing a Plan

16 Quick Tips to Optimize Compressed Air Systems

The handbook contains boxed highlighted sections with compressed air energy savings and operations tips

Energy Savings ideas are generally shown within a dotted box.

Key points and tips are enclosed in a solid box.

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