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The Lighting Reference Guide, developed by Natural Resources Canada in collaboration with lighting technology experts, provides lighting technology information to people who are involved in purchasing, designing and implementing lighting systems. It describes different technologies available on the market, with details on performance and applications, and also contains practical applications and worksheets to help calculate life cycles and paybacks on investments.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power provides a good explanation of the types of lamps in its Web site's "Save Energy" section.

BC Hydro's Power Smart Web site contains an article, "HID Versus Fluorescent for High-Bay Lighting" which provides a discussion of high-bay lighting, with subsections on:

  • what are the options?
  • how to make the best choice
  • what's on the horizon?

The same article, with a section on manufacturers added, is also on the Web sites of the Wisconsin Public Service and Florida Power and Lighting.

Manitoba Hydro's write-up "Power Smart - Lighting the Way to Savings" has an excellent discussion of different types of industrial lighting, including case studies and incentives offered by Manitoba Hydro.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District publication T5 Fluorescent High-Bay Lighting Systems describes the advantages and disadvantages of different types of lighting systems. It also provides several case studies of fluorescent high-bay lighting, including payback compared with metal halide systems.

INFORM is an independent research organization that examines the effects of business practices on the environment and on human health. Its Web site has two fact sheets that cover high-bay lighting, with detailed information on mercury content of fluorescent and metal halide systems:

BuildingGreen publishes the GreenSpec® Product Directory and Environmental Building News. The article "T 5 Fluorescent Lighting Outshines HIDs" compares fluorescent lighting to HID lighting, including an example payback analysis for the two lighting systems.

Energy User News provides information on matters related to energy efficiency. The article "Fluorescent Solutions for Industrial Lighting" provides detailed information on high-bay lighting systems, including a financial analysis

Utah Power's Case Study: Indoor Utah Soccer describes a soccer facility that replaced a 15-year-old metal halide lighting system with fluorescent lighting. The payback period was 2.5 years.

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