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Meeting the challenge of transportation efficiency

Natural Gas for Vehicles Market Transformation Pilot Project

In Canada, motor vehicle fuel efficiency standards and other transportation-related efficiency requirements are managed by Transport Canada. Learn more about Transport Canada's role in fuel efficiency with its Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Initiative.

Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency can also help transportation owners and operators maximize energy savings for their commercial vehicles and related equipment. By taking advantage of our various rebates, you can reduce your operating costs while making our environment safer and cleaner.

Natural Gas for Vehicles Market Transformation Pilot Project

Would you like to receive $3,000 toward the purchase of a new natural gas vehicle? Natural Resources Canada will pay $3,000 of the capital cost of buying or leasing a new natural gas vehicle when you buy or lease a qualifying vehicle before December 31, 2004. Eligible beneficiaries and vehicles must meet certain criteria to qualify for the rebate.

You could also qualify for additional incentives from General Motors Canada, Ford Canada, and Clean Energy (in British Columbia). For more details, contact one of our Pilot Project Agents for your region.