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About CIPEC: Annual Reports

Each year, the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) publishes a report that outlines the energy efficiency accomplishments of Canadian Industry.

The CIPEC Annual Report profiles more than 25 industrial sectors, noting their energy intensity improvements, targets and challenges.

CIPEC Annual Report 2010
2010 CIPEC Annual Report
Sustainability is Good Business

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Industrial companies are also featured in CIPEC annual reports. These "success story" companies demonstrate what is possible when it comes to improving energy efficiency in Canada's industrial sector by:

  • investing in new technologies or creative processes
  • improving operating practices
  • implementing effective employee awareness campaigns
  • raising the profile of energy conservation within corporate boardrooms

Past Reports

CIPEC Annual Report 2009
2009 CIPEC Annual Report
Energizing the bottom line with energy efficiency

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CIPEC Annual Report 2008
2008 CIPEC Annual Report
10 companies that are making a difference

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CIPEC Annual Report 2007
2007 CIPEC Annual Report
Seven ideas that can change your world

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CIPEC Annual Report 2006
2006 CIPEC Annual Report
Delivering results

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Note: In 2006, the naming convention was changed to reflect the year in which a report is published.

2003-2004 CIPEC Annual Report
The measure of success - for thirty years

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