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Energy Management Planning

The more you know, the more you save.

You know there are opportunities to save money, and you know that the faster you act on them, the faster you start saving.

Knowing what to do and where to find help is the hard part.

Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency has a workshop that pulls it all together for you. Learn from the energy leaders. Our experience has helped thousands of people and organizations.

We'll show you how to get support and identify cost-saving opportunities in many places you might not have considered. Find out how to:

  • assemble an energy management team
  • build a strategic framework for energy management
  • identify and capitalize on immediate savings opportunities
  • develop cost-saving energy management solutions
  • make your organization a leader in energy efficiency
  • enhance your organization's reputation in your industry and the community

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Specialized staff who make energy-related decisions within your organization:

  • senior managers and executives
  • energy champions
  • plant and process engineers
  • accountant/controllers
  • contractors and consultants
  • energy service providers

Workshop Outline

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