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Products are eligible for ENERGY STAR® based on their U-factor (the lower the number, the more energy efficient the product) or their Energy Rating (ER - the higher the number, the more energy efficient the product).

ENERGY STAR technical specifications

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Brand Classic Doors
Product Name Classic PLUS
Style Sliding Glass Door
U-factor (W/m² - K) 1.76
Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) 0.45
Energy Rating 26
Frame Material WOOD/VYL
Door Skin Material -
Glaze (Glass Size) Full Lite
Layers of Glazing 2
NRCan Reference NR7672-5351054-ES
Energy Efficiency Verification Reference SBU-K-6-00002-00002
U-factor (Btu/h/ft² - °F) 0.31
Visible Transmittance 0.54
Air Leakage - Infiltration (l/s*m²) 0.4
Air Leakage - Exfiltration (l/s*m²) 0.5
Registration Date 2012-03-09
Last Submitted 2017-02-20
Delisting Date 2017-10-28