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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Project Synopsis

TELUS House,
Vancouver, British Columbia

December 2008


  • Office complex with an area of 38 000 square metres
  • Recommissioning project started in 2007
  • Total project investment of $70,000
  • Total annual energy savings of 4 200 gigajoules (GJ)
  • Total annual cost savings of $91,500 (7 percent)
  • Total annual greenhouse gas emissions savings of 180 tonnes
  • Payback period of 8 months

In 2007, Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls initiated a recommissioning project for TELUS House in Vancouver, British Columbia with SES Consulting Inc.

The recommissioning project included updates to the direct digital control system, as well as a review of the heating and cooling requirements with improvements to the chiller operations, equipment schedules, air handling unit settings and fresh air damper controls.

Though the savings resulting from this recommissioning project are within the typical range, the TELUS House complex is in itself not typical due to the number and complexity of the changes, alterations and renovations that have taken place over the years. This has included construction of a six-storey atrium to replace an aging structure, two retrofits in 2000 and 2007 and the addition of new energy-intensive telecommunications equipment at the same time as the recommissioning project.

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