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Lighting Reference Guide – Codes, Standards and Regulations

15 Codes, Standards and Regulations

Adherence to the appropriate codes and standards is best achieved by following the recommendations of a qualified lighting specialist. There are considerable revisions and changes which will continue to evolve both at the national and provincial/state level. For example, the Canadian Federal Energy Efficiency Act of 1992 provides for the establishment and enforcement of regulations concerning minimum energy performance levels for energy–using products. The act also enforces labeling of energy–using products as well as the collection of data on energy use. These regulations refer to many industry testing and performance standards, and are administered in Canada by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) These regulations apply to regulated energy–using products imported into Canada or manufactured in Canada and shipped from one Province to another. It is important to consult the acts and regulations which are enforced in your jurisdiction.

There is also the Energy Policy Act of 1992, an amendment to the Energy Policy & Conservation Act that was passed in 1975. It included provisions for utilities to invest in conservation and energy efficiency, as well as funding for establishing energy efficient lighting and building centers. There are further enhancements expected that have resulted from the realization and support for energy efficiency.

Code for Buildings

Similarly, it is important to remain current on local and regional requirements. There are often references to national codes or standards, but may also be enhanced requirements. Examples of national efforts include:

  • Residential buildings: Council of American Building Officials (CABO) Model Energy Code.
  • Commercial Buildings: ASHRAE/IESNA standard 90.1–2004.
  • Guide to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations – Natural Resources Canada, 1999

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