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CIPEC Annual Report 2010


The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is a voluntary industry-government partnership established to improve Canada’s industrial energy efficiency. CIPEC is funded under the ecoENERGY for Industry initiative.

CIPEC is made up of 26 sector task forces covering more than 50 trade associations. Each task force represents companies that are engaged in similar industrial activities. The Task Force Council, with representatives from each CIPEC sector, provides a forum for sectors to share ideas and recommend ways to address common needs. Overall direction is provided by the executive board, made up of private sector leaders who are champions of industrial energy efficiency, and who provide advice on industrial energy efficiency programs and related issues to the Government of Canada.

In the CIPEC partnership, change emerges from consensus and joint action built through open communication. CIPEC continues to be the focal point for industry’s response to Canada’s energy efficiency efforts.

CIPEC’s role is to promote greater energy efficiency, and recognize and reward those who lead the way. At the bi-annual industrial energy efficiency conferences, CIPEC presents the CIPEC Leadership Awards to honour innovative Canadian companies that have demonstrated a significant and innovative contribution to energy efficiency. This annual report profiles the 10 winners of 2009.

Part of CIPEC’s mandate is a strong communications and awareness program anchored in its biweekly Heads Up CIPEC newsletter, with a readership of over 10,000 subscribers.

CIPEC also raises awareness of the goals and benefits of improved energy use. The Task Force Council and individual sectors are constantly working toward broadening participation, encouraging information sharing and bolstering awareness of the role and achievements of CIPEC members.

CIPEC volunteers include successful business leaders and others recognized on the national stage. Profiles of these leaders and their strong belief in CIPEC’s principles attract new members from industry, building on the successful partnership between industry and government.

Our Mission

To promote effective voluntary action that reduces industrial energy use per unit of production, thereby improving economic performance, while participating in meeting Canada’s climate change objectives.


Participate in CIPEC by registering your company’s commitment to energy efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas reductions. Signing up as a CIPEC Leader is free and comes with a broad range of benefits, including:

  • ecoENERGY Retrofit Incentive for small and medium-sized organizations
  • financial assistance for process integration and computational fluid dynamics studies
  • Natural Resources Canada’s Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshops (and opportunities to have them delivered on-site and customized to meet specific company needs)
  • technical guidebooks
  • Heads Up CIPEC – an e-newsletter with the latest energy efficiency information
  • support for benchmarking studies and employee awareness initiatives
  • opportunities to network with other industrial energy managers and practitioners

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