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CIPEC Annual Report 2010

Message from the Chair – Sustainable Growth for Canada’s Economy

This year marked yet another series of milestones and successes for industrial energy efficiency in Canada. CIPEC members continued to distinguish themselves, and Canada, with their commitment to innovative approaches to energy efficiency.

I am especially proud to be able to say that last year my fellow CIPEC Leaders recorded total annual energy savings of more than 4.2 petajoules – enough energy to power over 36,000 households. Estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions reductions totalled 412 kilotonnes. Perhaps the most important fact for me is that these impressive numbers were achieved voluntarily – something that is central to CIPEC’s success.

CIPEC’s success was on display at the Energy 2009 conference – the fourth industrial energy conference held by CIPEC. It was also the first conference jointly organized by CIPEC and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME). This bi-annual conference was an opportunity for more than 400 of us to get together to learn from each other and celebrate our successes on the energy efficiency front. Conference registration was up by almost 30 percent, thanks in large part to the CME’s direct access to more than 25,000 businesses across Canada.

The two-day event featured more than 20 workshops and panel sessions presented by the country’s foremost energy experts, industry leaders and energy efficiency suppliers. Attendees were treated to a keynote address from Jeremy Rifkin, an American economist who is shaping public policy in the United States and globally. He has served as an advisor to several world leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain. In his address, Rifkin argued that we are on the cusp of a third industrial revolution – a revolution that has energy efficiency as a guiding principle.

Conference attendees also heard from Canadian industrial energy efficiency pioneers like Scott Travers, President and Chief Operating Officer of Minas Basin Pulp and Power. At Minas, he is involved in carbon credits trading; tidal energy opportunities; and initiatives to harness energy, from the wind, waves, biomass and plastic-to-diesel.

The conference included a national industrial energy efficiency awards ceremony. The awards shone the spotlight on energy managers who are on the frontlines of industrial energy efficiency and who once again proved their willingness to share expertise. The winning projects were as diverse as the products their companies produce, but they all had one thing in common: an outstanding commitment to improving industrial energy efficiency.

CIPEC Leaders who have driven Canada’s success on industrial energy efficiency since 1975 all share this commitment. And the 330 new CIPEC Leaders we welcomed this year are now part of this proud 35-year history. Since 1975, CIPEC has grown to include more than 2,100 CIPEC Leaders.

The Government of Canada continues to support these CIPEC Leaders with CIPEC’s representation at the ISO 50001 negotiations, an emerging energy management standard. ISO 50001 is expected to be completed in 2011. It will establish a framework for all types of organizations and companies to manage energy consumption using a common standard. I am pleased to say that CIPEC has a prominent voice at the negotiating table.

As I look forward to my fourth year as the Chair of the CIPEC Executive Board, I am struck by the remarkable progress CIPEC continues to make as an example of an extraordinary voluntary partnership. I also wish to express my gratitude to CIPEC’s Executive Board and Task Force Council, and the many volunteers on the sector task forces for their continuing contribution to industrial energy efficiency in Canada. I am convinced that our collective expertise and contribution will ensure CIPEC has a bright future as we pursue sustainable growth for Canada’s economy.


Glenn Mifflin

Glenn Mifflin

Vice-President, North Atlantic Refining Limited
Chair, CIPEC Executive Board