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Energy Efficiency Regulations

Technical requirements

Regulatory definition
An electrically operated automatic household dishwasher.

Test standard

Compliance date
January 1, 2004 and January 1, 2010
Regulated since February 3, 1995

EnerGuide label Required

EnerGuide directory: available
List of models available

Energy efficiency standard
 Product class Minimum EF (cycle/kWh) Total annual energy consumption (kWh)
  January 1, 2004 January 1, 2010
Compact dishwashers
(holds less than 8 place settings and 6 serving dishes)
0.62 ≤ 260 kWh
Standard dishwashers 0.46 ≤ 355 kWh
EF = Energy Factor (cycles per kilowatt hour)

Requirements for the energy efficiency report prior to import, as listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (dishwasher)
  • brand name
  • model number
  • manufacturer
  • name of the organization or province that carried out the dishwasher verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the dishwasher
  • total annual energy consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours per cycle multiplied by 215 cycles/year)
  • test group type and size category: built-in or portable compact or standard
  • volume of hot water used in litres
  • energy factor in cycles/kWh and
  • drying options offered: dry heat or heat on/heat off.