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EnerGuide Rating System Code of Ethics

All service organizations, energy advisors, builders and influencers who work with the EnerGuide rating system agree to abide by this Code of Ethics. All individuals and organizations associated with the EnerGuide rating system shall follow this Code of Ethics by:

  1. Exercising their duties with integrity, fairness and impartiality.

  2. Upholding, maintaining and, wherever possible, improving the professional integrity, reputation and practice of the EnerGuide rating service. Marketing approaches shall not use the EnerGuide rating service to imply any endorsement of an organization's particular product or service.

  3. Avoiding any apparent conflict of interest and avoiding association with any enterprise of questionable character, for example:

    • service organizations, energy advisors and influencers are required to immediately disclose any and all activities that may be considered to be in real or perceived conflict with the mandate and objectives of the EnerGuide rating service;

    • in the event that Natural Resources Canada decides that remedial action is necessary to remove such conflict, the service organization, energy advisor or influencer will be required to take such action (which may include divestiture of certain assets or ceasing to perform certain activities) prior to entering into, or continuing, any relationship with Natural Resources Canada as it relates to the EnerGuide rating service; and

    • neither accepting nor offering commissions or allowances directly from or to other parties dealing with a client in connection with an energy efficiency evaluation without the written approval of the client or his or her representative.

  4. Basing all statements made in the context of the EnerGuide rating service on facts supported by the energy efficiency evaluation or by research performed by a recognized professional source.

  5. Not collecting any personal information other than that required for the EnerGuide rating service and not disclosing information from any EnerGuide evaluation except as required for quality assurance.

    • Disclosure to a third party for another purpose related to the EnerGuide rating service is permitted where such disclosure is advantageous to the customer, provided that the customer's informed and written consent is obtained prior to the disclosure.

  6. Builders of EnerGuide rated homes (builders who arrange for evaluations for houses they build) shall maintain their arm's length relationship with the homebuyer by not acting as energy advisors in the "as built" evaluation of homes they have built.