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ENERGY STAR® - Commercial Clothes Washers

Commercial Clothes Washers must meet Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations before they can qualify for the ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada. The regulations require a Modified Energy Factor of 35.68 L/kWh/cycle (1.26 ft3/kWh/cycle) or greater.

Criteria for ENERGY STAR Qualified Commercial Clothes Washers

ENERGY STAR labelled clothes washers must have a Modified Energy Factor (MEF)
of >= 2.0 ft³/kWh/cycle or 56.6 L/kWh/cycle. This means that qualified clothes washers must be at least 42% more energy efficient than the minimum federally regulated energy performance standard.

ENERGY STAR labelled clothes washers must have a Water Factor (WF) of
<= 0.8 L/cycle/L or 6.0 gal/cycle/ft³.

Note: Modified Energy Factor (MEF) means that the calculation takes into account the amount of dryer energy used to remove the remaining moisture content. To achieve this target, a clothes washer must have advanced design features that deliver cleaning performance using less water and energy.

Typically, clothes washers with an EnerGuide energy consumption rating of less than
380 kWh/year qualify.

Cost Savings for ENERGY STAR Qualified Commercial Clothes Washers

Below is a comparison of ENERGY STAR versus non-ENERGY STAR qualified products, based on the ENERGY STAR Simple Savings Calculator, Version 6.0. The calculator allows users to quantify expected energy and cost savings and estimate greenhouse gas emission reductions. This information can be used in business cases comparing ENERGY STAR qualified products and non-qualified products.

Cost-Savings Example
Equipment 10 Commercial Clothes Washers (14 year life)
Annual Lifetime Annual Lifetime
Energy Consumption (kWh) 5,887 82,417 9,339 130,740
Energy Cost
(@ 11.6¢/kWh)
$746 $6,153 $1,184 $9,760
Water Consumption (m³) 267 3,732 464 6,490
Water Cost
(@ $2.20/m³)
$587 $4,841 $1,021 $8,419
Maintenance Cost $0 $0 $0 $0
Total Operating Cost $1,334 $10,994 $2,205 $18,179
Purchase Price   $7,500   $4,920
Total Life-cycle Cost   $23,335   $31,518
Total Energy Savings (kWh) 3,452 48,323    
Total Water Savings (m³) 197 2,758    
Total Energy, Water and Maintenance Cost Savings $872 $7,186    
Emissions savings
(kg CO2)
690 9,665    
Payback Period 3.0 years (based on initial purchase price of $492 per non-qualified unit and $750 per ENERGY STAR qualified unit)

The emissions savings resulting from purchasing 10 ENERGY STAR qualified commercial clothes washers, instead of 10 non-qualified units, are equivalent to planting 68 trees.

Sample Procurement Language for ENERGY STAR Qualified Commercial Clothes Washers

You may wish to use the following procurement language in contracts to ensure you receive ENERGY STAR qualified commercial clothes washers. As with all purchases, be sure to ask the appropriate questions to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

The vendor must

  • Verify that the model has been qualified to bear the ENERGY STAR symbol by a manufacturer participating in the ENERGY STAR initiative.
  • Provide commercial clothes washers that meet ENERGY STAR specifications for energy efficiency, as follows: The Modified Energy Factor (MEF) must be 2.0 ft³/kWh/cycle or greater and the Water Factor (WF) must be <= 0.8 L/cycle/L.
  • Ensure that ENERGY STAR qualified products meet user requirements for performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

For bulk purchases and/or lease/maintenance agreements, include the provisions that - where applicable - the vendor must

  • Deliver all qualified products properly configured for current ENERGY STAR specifications.
  • Ensure that installation services include the full activation and proper configuration of any automatic energy-saving, power-down and/or power management features in order to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Ensure that maintenance services include the full re-activation and proper re-configuration of any automatic energy-saving, power-down and/or power management features to the terms of the current ENERGY STAR specifications at the time of service.
  • Customize sites and train users in order to maximize the energy efficiency of installed products.
  • Not disable power-management features except at the specific request of site staff.
  • Provide on-going customer support on all energy-saving, power-down and power management features.

Information Resources on Commercial Clothes Washers

List of Models

NRCan maintains a list of ENERGY STAR qualified commercial clothes washers sold in Canada. The list can be found on the Canadian ENERGY STAR Web site.

The on-line searchable database of qualified models (which can be saved as a list) includes the following information:

  1. Loading Style (front and/or top)
  2. Tub Capacity (L)
  3. Payment Mechanism (coin and/or card)
  4. Brand
  5. Model Number
  6. Water Consumption Factor (L/cycle/L)
  7. Water Consumption per Load (L)
  8. EnerGuide Rating (kWh/year)
  9. Annual Electricity Cost
  10. Second Price Tag

How to Access

List of models: Commercial Clothes Washers (U.S.)

Product specifications for Commercial Clothes Washers match those for residential clothes washers, and are available on the ENERGY STAR website.

Original Data Source

Data supplied to NRCan and EPA by participating manufacturers.

Update Frequency

ENERGY STAR criteria are updated as required.

The list of qualified models on the ENERGY STAR website is updated as manufacturers report new information.


Commercial Clothes Washer - Commercial Clothes Washers are built on a residential clothes washer frame with certain modifications to improve their durability. They are designated for use in applications where the occupants of more than one household will be using them, such as multi-family housing common areas and coin-laundries, hotels and other commercial applications. They include the following features:

  • Coin and/or card operated
  • Soft mount front-loading with tub capacity <= 99.3 L(3.54 ft³)
  • Top loading with tub capacity <= 113 L (4 ft³)

Test Standard

CAN/CSA-C360-03, "Energy Performance, Water Consumption and Capacity of Household Clothes Washers."

Product Specification Summary
Name of current specification ENERGY STAR Qualifying Criteria for Clothes Washers
Effective date of current
January 1, 2011
Notes on future updates  
Reminder: Always check the ENERGY STAR website to ensure you have the most current product specifications and other program information.

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