Canada's ENERGY STAR® Market Transformation Awards 2011

The “Five A's” of Market Transformation

Nominations are assessed based on how the nominees have addressed the “Five A's” of market transformation:

  • Availability. Is the product or technology easily available in the market? Are its energy benefits/savings adequately documented and demonstrated? Is information on the product or technology (e.g., case studies, testing standards, etc.) easily available?

  • Awareness. Is the market aware of the product/technology/information? Have the energy benefits/savings been adequately promoted and demonstrated? Is there information on the product's packaging to raise awareness of its quality and performance? Is the market being made aware of practices governing the product/technology (e.g., standards, guidelines, policies).

  • Accessibility. Is the product/technology/information easily accessible to the end-user? What marketing tools and distribution channels are being used to distribute the product/technology/information widely and meet sales objectives?

  • Affordability. Is the product/technology affordable to the end-user? Are consumers satisfied with its benefits/savings (can this be documented)? Is the product or technology cost-competitive with similar products on the market?

  • Acceptability. Is the product/technology popular among consumers (can this be documented through surveys and other research)? Did the organization do anything special to achieve consumer acceptance or buy-in?

About the Tier Two Awards Program

Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) administers Canada's Energy Efficiency Awards, which recognize Canadian innovation and achievement in energy efficiency by businesses, institutions, governments, communities and individuals. These national “tier one” awards extend across all sectors of the economy and are intended to be wide-ranging and inclusive, with no particular connection to any federal program or initiative.

At the same time, the OEE has instituted a special series of awards to acknowledge significant energy efficiency actions and achievements at the sectoral level. These “tier two” awards – which include the ENERGY STAR Market Transformation Awards – are specific to OEE programs and celebrate innovative solutions to overcome market barriers, change consumer behaviour, increase product availability and ensure a sustainable market.