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ENERGY STAR Qualified Electronics

ENERGY STAR qualified electronics consume less electricity than typical electrical appliances and this can translate into significant reduction in electricity bills for the end-user. Manufacturers and retailers equally acknowledge the increased demand for such products, and have transformed the supply chain in order to respond to these needs.

Information sheet: Standby power – when off is on (fact sheet) PDF

Synopsis: Many home entertainment electronic products continue to use electricity even when switched off, as some power is needed to accept commands from the remote control and maintain items in memory, such as the time, date, pre-set recording events and other user-selected options.

We are currently sharing lists of ENERGY STAR qualified consumer electronics with ENERGY STAR in the United States. When you click on any of the products below, you will be taken to a product list on the U.S. ENERGY STAR web site. Many of the products listed are available in Canada. To return to Canada's ENERGY STAR web site, simply click on the "Back" button on your web browser.