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Guide for the Purchase and Use of ENERGY STAR® Qualified Commercial Fryers

When organizations within the food services sector want to save energy and help the environment, they look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to identify energy-efficient products.

Restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, and institutional cafeterias all possess commercial kitchens. These foodservice facilities are among the most energy-intensive establishments in the commercial building sector. The cooking and cleaning appliances consume a significant portion of the energy use. These facilities can reduce their utility bills significantly through the use of ENERGY STAR qualified equipment.

What are commercial fryers?

Commercial fryers are commercial kitchen appliances that use oil to deep fry food. Fryers are comprised of a stainless steel outer encasing, an insulated steel fry pot and stainless steel food baskets.

Design features that have a significant impact on reducing energy use:

  • advanced burner/element and heat exchanger designs
  • increased insulation levels
  • induction heating and advanced controls for electric fryers to improve efficiency

Are ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryers easily available in Canada?

Yes, both ENERGY STAR and energy-efficient models are available for purchase and operate on gas or electricity.

Several manufacturers provide ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryers for the Canadian food service industry. Contact the manufacturers directly or speak with your food equipment supplier.

How do commercial fryers qualify for the ENERGY STAR symbol?

Energy-efficient fryers that earn the ENERGY STAR qualification meet a minimum cooking efficiency and meet a maximum idle energy rate. These fryers have advanced burner and heat exchanger designs, which lead to faster cooking times and higher production rates, and have better insulation to reduce heat loss.

To qualify, fryers must meet the specifications in the following table.

Specification Gas Fryer Electric Fryer
Minimum cooking energy efficiency >50% >80%
Maximum idle energy rate >9,000 Btu/hr* >1000 watts*

*Based on a 38.1 cm (15-inch) fryer.

Cooking energy efficiency is the ratio of the energy absorbed by the food to the energy input to the gas fryer. The idle energy rate is the amount of energy an appliance uses to maintain a stable operating temperature.

Is sample procurement language available to specify ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryers?

Organizations can use this sample procurement language in their contracts or purchase orders to facilitate the procurement of ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryers.

An example:

The vendor must provide commercial fryers that earn the ENERGY STAR qualification and meet the ENERGY STAR specifications for energy efficiency. The vendor is encouraged to visit for complete product specifications and an updated list of qualified products.

Purchasing Guide

The ENERGY STAR Purchasing Guide contains an implementation plan for energy-efficient purchasing, tools for making the business case for ENERGY STAR qualified products, and more. The guide is designed to help your organization purchase energy-efficient products, while working within your own framework and rules. Download your copy at

What can ENERGY STAR qualified fryers save me?

You must examine the business case to get a full understanding of the benefits of choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified product instead of a non- ENERGY STAR qualified product. The following table compares a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryer with a baseline model for both natural gas and electric fryers.

Did You Know?

Energy-efficient fryers that meet the ENERGY STAR specifications are up to 25 percent more energy-efficient than conventional models.

For a high-efficiency, gas-powered ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryer:

  • annual cost savings will be $540 and
  • the payback period will be just over 2 years

For a high-efficiency, electric-powered ENERGY STAR qualified commercial fryer:

  • annual cost savings will be $73 and
  • the payback period will be 7.7 years
Potential energy and water savings of a
high-efficiency commercial fryer
Parameter Per unit energy consumption and cost
Natural Gas Electricity
Baseline unit 138,000 megajoules
per year (MJ/yr)
14,585 kilowatt hour per year (kWh/yr)
High-efficiency unit 95,000 MJ/yr 13,860 kWh/yr
Energy savings 4,000 MJ/yr 725 kWh/yr
Energy cost $0.48 per cubic
metre (3)
Cost savings $540/yr $73/yr
Baseline unit cost  $2,780   $1,110
High-efficiency unit cost $3,900 $1,670
Cost differential $1,120 $560
Payback period 2.1 yr 7.7 yr

Source: ENERGY STAR Web site. Assumes a cooking capacity of 29.5 kg (65 pounds) per hour.

Use the ENERGY STAR Savings Calculator to determine the difference in energy savings between ENERGY STAR qualified and non-qualified commercial fryers.

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