Insulation, Home Sealing Products

Insulation and home sealing products are NOT included in Canada's ENERGY STAR program. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) works closely with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to harmonize product specifications and promote consistency between the ENERGY STAR programs in Canada and the United States. Nevertheless, differences in program approaches do exist, occasionally resulting in differences between the types of products and activities supported by the program in the two countries. In Canada, the ENERGY STAR Program is focusing strictly on a product-based qualification system only.

With respect to insulation, the position of Canada's ENERGY STAR program is that installed R-values are more important than the rating on the products themselves. The effectiveness of insulation depends on the quantity installed and the quality of the installation as a product. With respect to material quality Canada benefits from the material evaluation services provided by the Canadian Construction Materials Center

Insulation and air sealing initiatives are being promoted through Canada's ecoENERGY Retrofit program, and grants are provided based on the range of insulation levels achieved, as verified by an ecoENERGY retrofit adviser through a pre and post retrofit home evaluation. Eligible improvements and levels of grants can be found on the NRcan Web site.