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ENERGY STAR Qualified Office Equipment

Most office equipment sold today has the ability to switch into "sleep" or low-power mode if it is not being used. The energy savings can be significant, especially for large organizations. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR symbol, all office equipment must meet the guidelines below and be shipped from the factory with the power-management capabilities fully activated. It is recommended, however, that the user verify that the power-management features are enabled.

To meet the criteria for ENERGY STAR, each product should automatically switch into a "sleep" or low-power mode before the maximum period of inactivity allowed.

Standby power – when off is on (fact sheet) - PDF

ENERGY STAR for Office Equipment – Simple Steps to and Energy-smart Office - PDF

An Energy Smart Office (fact sheet) - PDF

We are currently sharing lists of ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment with ENERGY STAR in the United States. When you click on any of the products below, you will be taken to a product list on the U.S. ENERGY STAR web site. Many of the products listed are available in Canada. To return to Canada's ENERGY STAR web site, simply click on the "Back" button on your web browser.

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Technical specifications for computer servers

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