Who's on Board?

The following organizations have become ENERGY STAR® Participants and are promoting and using the ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada. When available, you can go to their web sites by clicking on the name of the organization.

Manufacturers – Home Electronics

Ding Wang Photoelectricity Company

Ding Wang Photoelectricity Company manufactures ENERGY STAR qualified External Power Adapters, in California USA.

Duracell, a division of P&G

Duracell, a division of P&G manufactures End Use Product with ENERGY STAR qualified Adapters, in Bethel Connecticut, United States.

ENERGY STAR Market Transformation Awards - 2011 Winners

LG Electronics

LG Electronics, one of the largest consumer electronics companies, is labelling and promoting ENERGY STAR-qualified products. These include Goldstar household appliances, a whole range of consumer electronic products, as well as heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Motorola Mobility Inc.

Motorola Mobility Inc. brings personalized media and mobile experiences together to meet consumer demand for video and interactive services. The company manufactures and promotes ENERGY STAR qualified set-top boxes, among other energy-conscious products, as part of the its strategy to ensure that its new products consume less energy than earlier models. Motorola also innovates in the use of environmentally preferred materials and provides global take-back programs to collect electronic equipment that is no longer needed for reuse and recycling.

Panasonic Canada Inc. – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2004, 2003

In keeping with its commitment to the environment, Panasonic Canada Inc. is indicating which products meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency in its catalogue and product literature. These products include the following: room air conditioners, ventilating fans, compact fluorescent lamps, office equipment and consumer electronics. Panasonic Canada Inc. is labelling and promoting its ENERGY STAR-qualified products.

Sony Electronics Inc.

Sony Electronics Inc. manufactures ENERGY STAR qualified electronics such as televisions, audio products and DVD products. Sony has more than 500 authorized dealers and over 60 Sony Style retail locations across Canada.

Super Electric Company (Canada) Ltd.

Super Electric Company (Canada) Ltd. is a 55-year-old Canadian-owned and -operated company that Manufacturers home comfort appliances. Its products are distributed by major retailers across Canada. Super Electric plans to label the following ENERGY STAR-qualified products: bottled water coolers, clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, room air conditioners, DVD products and televisions.

Toshiba of Canada Limited – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2010

Toshiba of Canada Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toshiba Corporation and a proud ENERGY STAR Participant. Toshiba of Canada Limited is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ENERGY STAR qualified home entertainment products, including high-definition televisions, and of ENERGY STAR qualified office products, including mobile computer systems, black and white digital copiers, full colour capable devices and fax/MFP's. Throughout its history, Toshiba is committed to technological and environmental innovations.


VIZIO INC. North America's fasters growing HDTV and consumer electronics, labels and promotes ENERGY STAR home electronics such as LCD and Plasma TV's, DVD's, audio products and monitors. Their products are distributed nation-wide by their partners, which includes Wallmart, Costco, Sears, Circuit City, and many more.