Who's on Board?

Manufacturers – Lighting Products

The following organizations have become ENERGY STAR® Participants and are promoting and using the ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada. When available, you can go to their web sites by clicking on the name of the organization.

Product definitions:

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs): Lamps used for general lighting applications using fluorescent technology, and that is available in either a cool or warm type of light in various sizes and illuminance.

Specialty bulbs (Speciality): Lamps that are made for specific applications such as reflector, dimmable, outdoor, tri-light, circline, flood, chandelier or candelabra lamps.

ENERGY STAR Market Transformation Awards - 2011 Winners

Fixtures: A fixture (or luminaire or lamp) is a complete lighting unit consisting of a lamp or lamps, a housing, and a connection to a source of electrical power. Floor and desk lamps, chandeliers, vanity light bars, pendulum lights, wall scones and ceiling fans are all "fixtures".

Torchieres: Also called floor lamps, they are free standing electric lamps that direct the light upward to the ceiling.

Decorative Light Strings (DLS): They are mainly used during the holiday season to decorate the house or the patio in the summer.

Light Emitting Diode (LED): A LED is a semiconductor device (diode) capable of emitting light when an electric current is passed through it. It is a small, solid diode, sometimes grouped in clusters with diffuser lenses, which is extremely energy-efficient.

Company Name Lamps (bulbs) Fixtures Decorative
light strings (DLS)
CFLs Speciality (Dimmable,
outdoor, etc.)
LED Fluorescent Torchieres LED
AimLite Corporation       X X    
American Fluorescent Corp X     X      
Apex Chance Industry Ltd.             X
Banvil 2000 X     X      
Bazz Inc ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2009 X     X      
Bortex Industry Co., Ltd.             X
Canarm Ltd. X     X      
Canlyte Inc. - Philips Luminaires       X   X  
Carillon Decorative Products Inc.             X
Catalina Lighting Canada, (1992) Inc.       X X    
CE Lighting of North America Inc. (Landlite) X           X
Christmas (HK) Ltd.             X
Conglom Inc. (Luminus) X X   X X X X
Contrast Lighting M.L. Inc.       X      
Dals Lighting Inc.       X      
Danson Decor Inc.             X
EarthTronics, Inc. X X   X      
Energy Mad Limited X            
Enerlights (1701876 Ontario Inc.) X            
Feit Electric Company Inc. X X   X X X  
Fiber Optic Designs, Inc             X
General Electric Canada X X          
Globe Electric Company ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2007, 2008 X X   X X    
Golden Bay Enterprises             X
Good Earth Lighting X     X X X  
GP Ltd             X
Greenlite Lighting Corporation X X   X X   X
H.S. Craft             X
Holiday Creations Inc.             X
Home Depot Canada X     X     X
JAFtech Manufacturing       X      
Jetmax Industrial Ltd.             X
Le Groupe Jean Coutu             X
Ledup Enterprises Inc.             X
Michaels Stores             X
National Tree Company             X
Neo-Neon International Co. Ltd.             X
Nixan International Ltd.             X
NUVO       X      
Osram Sylvania Ltd./Ltée X X          
Panasonic Canada Inc. X            
Peerless Electric Company Ltd.       X      
Polytree Group Ltd.             X
Progress Lighting       X      
Rab Design Lighting Inc. X            
Satco Products Inc. X X          
Sea Gull Lighting Products       X      
Standard Products Inc. X X          
Stanpro Lighting Systems Inc. X     X X    
Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns Co. Ltd.             X
Taizhou Xinghai Lamp Industry Co. Ltd.             X
Technical Consumer Products Inc. (TCP) X X   X     X
The Lighting Quotient           X  
Tomson Merchandise Co., Ltd. (Everstar)             X
Toprio Electronics Inc.             X
Toyo Electric MGF Co. Ltd.             X
Turolight Inc. X X