Key Facts in Promoting EnerGuide and

First and Second Price Tags

As a salesperson, you know that selling the benefits of a product means not only mentioning the features your customers want most, but also explaining how these features will meet – or even surpass – their needs.

The FIRST Price Tag

Most consumers today have a checklist of features they want, and that certainly includes energy efficiency. However, many shoppers mistakenly believe that an energy-efficient appliance carries a higher initial cost – the sticker price. And this may not be true in all cases – energy efficiency does not always cost more. Many of today's major appliances are competitively priced, so there is little difference in initial cost between an energy glutton and an energy saver.

The SECOND Price Tag

What is the second price tag? It is the one your customers do not see but will pay over the lifetime of the appliance. It is the cost of using the product month by month, year by year. The more energy efficient the appliance, the less energy and/or water it uses. The savings – both in dollars and energy – can really add up!

Not only will an energy-efficient appliance save money by reducing energy consumption and energy costs, but the environment also will be better off. The heavy use of energy has scientists, environmentalists and the public concerned about climate change. You can play an important role in preserving our resources by showing your customers appliances that are energy savers, not energy wasters.

Dollar Savings