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How to Become an R-2000 Service Provider

Building an R-2000 home is a team effort. Behind every R-2000 builder stands a group of well-trained R-2000 service providers who provide quality assurance services and advice.

Becoming an R-2000 service provider is a career move with many benefits and advantages. It is an opportunity to upgrade your skills and knowledge. And you get to work with some of the best builders in Canada and participate in state-of-the-art construction projects.

From plan evaluation to airtightness testing, R-2000 service providers carry out the third-party evaluations, inspections and testing required to ensure that a house meets the R-2000 Standard. They can also provide expert advice to builders during the planning and construction stages. R-2000 service providers are trained and licensed by Natural Resources Canada.

If you are interested in becoming an R-2000 service provider, see the links below for more information, or contact the regional R-2000 delivery agent in your area.

R-2000 is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada.