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When you’re in the market for new heating products, it pays to learn all you can about them first. With the proper facts in hand, you can make choices that will save you money and help protect the environment.

The EnerGuide rating and ENERGY STAR symbol can help you identify the most energy-efficient products available in Canada. The items in the list on the left will direct you to further information about specific areas related to each subject.

Water Heaters – Buying Information

In a typical Canadian home, water heating is the second biggest energy user. Only space heating consumes more energy. In fact, water heating usually accounts for up to 20 percent of your total utility costs.

You can reduce your water heating costs the following ways:

  • choose an energy-efficient water heater that meets your needs
  • install some basic water-saving devices
  • adjust your water-using habits

There is no EnerGuide label for water heaters, but their specifications can tell you which models are the most efficient.

  • Gas and oil water heaters: Seasonal performance is indicated by the energy factor (EF). The higher the number, the greater the efficiency
  • Electric water heaters: The heat radiated from the walls of the tank (known as standby loss) could represent a significant proportion of a household's annual water heating costs. In comparing models, look for a low number.

There are many water-heating models available – and, as with any other major household appliance, the cost of purchasing and operating a water heater can vary significantly from one model to another.

Storage Tank Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters
Integrated Space/Water Heating Systems
Heat Pump Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters
Heat Recovery Water Pre-Heaters

Don't just take the word of your plumber, contractor or utility about what product to install in your home. Become an informed consumer and take control of your hot-water costs and consumption.