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Grants and Incentives for New Homes

Currently, although Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) does not offer incentives to new home buyers or new home builders, NRCan manages the EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, and R-2000 Standard. These programs encourage new home builders and new home buyers to include energy efficiency upgrades in the construction of their new homes.

Grants and Incentives for New Homes

Natural Resources Canada’s strategy for the new housing sector is to support voluntary labelling programs such as the EnerGuide Rating System (for new homes under construction) and the R-2000 Standard, and to support industry training and inclusion of energy efficiency measures within the building codes.

NRCan-managed new housing initiatives, coupled with regional programs, form the basis for many provincial and utility incentives and grants that are available to encourage energy efficiency in new home construction throughout the country.

For new housing grants, please look for the house icon on the following Grants and Incentives page.

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