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R-2000 Comfort


The high standards set for an R-2000 home certification ensures that homeowners enjoy features such as:

More consistent temperatures

An R-2000 certified home provides exceptional comfort throughout the year. Extra insulation and tight construction minimize winter drafts and cold spots. Because the walls and windows in an R-2000 certified home are typically more energy efficient, they feel much warmer than in a conventional home. In addition, R-2000 certified homes stay cooler in the summer than most.

Less outside noise

A well-insulated home means that you hear less outside noise and enjoy a quieter living environment.

Reduced dust and mould

By reducing drafts and mechanically ventilating the whole house, dust and moisture problems are reduced significantly. Energy-efficient windows help keep the heat in, and assist in the prevention of staining and mould growth that window condensation can cause.

A lighter, brighter home

R-2000 certified homes are designed to take advantage of the sun's energy during the winter. Energy-efficient windows can provide a larger window area and more light without boosting your heating costs. R-2000 certified builders also try to orient the home so that most of the windows face east, south and west for maximum winter light and solar heat gain.