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R-2000 Health


The quality of the air we breathe can affect our health.

That's why every R-2000 home:

  • Incorporates a whole-house balanced ventilation system.
  • Uses building products that release fewer chemicals into the air.

Is your home choking you?

Research has shown that the number of Canadians suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies have increased over the years. Although the causes of these illnesses are complex, air quality is considered one of the most important factors. In fact, a recent study by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation suggests that some moulds, which thrive on dampness, threaten children's health as much as second-hand tobacco smoke.

Breathe easy with R-2000

R-2000 certified homes include clean air features that go beyond what regular building codes require:

Advanced ventilation

Every R-2000 certified home has a balanced ventilation system that can provide tempered outdoor filtered air to every room 24 hours a day. This system also exhausts stale air, moisture, and odours from the kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas. To save energy, heat-recovery technology captures the heat from exhaust air to pre-heat the incoming outdoor air.

Trained technicians

The ventilation system is designed and installed by specially trained technicians and is tested independently to make sure it works properly.

Sealed construction

Careful construction of exterior walls, foundations, sealing of windows, and door openings all help to minimize dust and pollution. Furthermore, well controlled ventilation allows for outdoor air to be filtered before you breathe it in.

Select materials

Hard-surface or prefinished flooring, water-based paints, sealed or formaldehyde-free cabinetry, non-solvent adhesives, and finishes are common in R-2000 certified homes. R-2000 certified builders select building materials to keep airborne chemical emissions to a minimum.

Efficient heating

High-efficiency sealed-combustion heating systems help ensure that dangerous combustion products don't get into your home and affect your family's health.