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Government Programs and Regulations

Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance (CTFCA) Initiative

The Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance is a $33-million initiative under the Government of Canada's Action Plan 2000 on Climate Change to demonstrate and evaluate fuelling options for fuel cell vehicles.

Different combinations of fuels and fuelling systems will be demonstrated by April 2008 for light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The CTFCA will analyse the ways fuel can be delivered to vehicles, establish safety standards for fuelling stations and develop training and certification programs for people who install and maintain those stations.

The program will also assess the greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions achieved when fuel cell technology is used. It will work with the provinces and territories to address regulatory barriers to the increased use of fuel cell vehicles.

Natural Resources Canada manages the CTFCA initiative, which draws on the vision and energy of about 50 key partners, ranging from industry and municipalities to non-governmental organizations, provincial governments and universities. It is expected to accelerate the commercialization of Canadian fuel cell technologies and help ensure a major role for Canada in this emerging field.

Demonstration projects and other initiatives using hydrogen and fuel cell technologies could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 000 tonnes per year by 2010 and by 2 650 000 tonnes per year by 2020.