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Report on the Technical Feasibility of Integrating an Annual Average 2% Renewable Diesel in the Canadian Distillate Pool by 2011

7  Conclusion

The Government intends to regulate an average 2% renewable content in the middle distillate pool by 2011 or earlier, subject to technical feasibility. The NRDDI was launched to address any remaining questions about the technical feasibility of this regulation in Canada. In consultation and collaboration with other federal government departments and stakeholders, the NRDDI funded projects developed and delivered by stakeholder groups to address these remaining questions.

The NRDDI examined the results of these projects and other information sources to assess technical feasibility using four key factors: i) fuel technology readiness; ii) technology/end-user application readiness; iii) infrastructure readiness; and iv) market acceptance.

Technical information from the NRDDI projects and other sources referenced in this report provides a useful assessment of technical feasibility that will inform the development and implementation of the regulation by Environment Canada.

This information demonstrated the possibility for renewable diesel to meet industry accepted standards. It also provided the necessary data for industry representatives from most Canadian end-use sectors to provide their views on the technical feasibility of an average 2% mandate. Stakeholders are generally satisfied that their remaining technical questions regarding an average B2 blend in their operations have been addressed. Providing adequate lead times for upgrading fuel blending and distribution infrastructure is important for ensuring a seamless integration of renewable diesel blends into the Canadian marketplace.

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