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FleetSmart Newsletter – Spring 2003

FleetSmart Launches Revitalized Web Site

Visit FleetSmart's Web site today. Find out what's new in energy efficiency and how you can improve your operating costs. FleetSmart's Web site offers information and helpful tools such as:

  • upcoming workshops and events
  • technical Webcasts
  • success stories and case studies
  • a fuel calculator to track your fuel economy
  • a national discussion forum
  • and much more …

Don't miss out on what FleetSmart's Web site has to offer.

New Discussion Forum for Transportation Industry

A new national discussion forum has been developed for FleetSmart members in order to provide knowledge, exchange ideas and discuss energy efficiency in Canadian transportation.

  • Existing members: To access the discussion forum (and to ensure that you receive updates), please activate your password.

    Membership in FleetSmart is free and is open to companies that have offices in Canada that operate fleets or that are involved in the transportation industry. Members can also access FleetSmart's management plan to help improve their fleet's fuel efficiency.

  • Become a Member: Sign up today to gain access to the members' section of FleetSmart's Web site, or call (613) 943-0680 for more information.

"Idle-Free Quiet Zone" Campaign – A Huge Success!

FleetSmart ran a very successful "Idle-Free Quiet Zone" campaign from November 7 to December 20, 2002. Eighteen truck stops from across Canada participated. The goal was to eliminate unnecessary idling and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. FleetSmart plans to run a similar campaign this fall. Be sure to look for the "Idle-Free Quiet Zone" banners at participating truck stops and stop in.

Use the Anti-Idling Tool Kit. It will provide you with a wide variety of useful materials such as ready-to-use graphics, stickers, fact sheets, posters and case studies, all of which are available free of charge.

Urban Trucking

The success of FleetSmart's training kit SmartDriver for Heavy-duty Vehicles and Forestry trucks has inspired a number of similar training tools for operators of motor coaches and urban transit vehicles.

We're also developing a driver-training program and technical publications that will assist operators in the urban commercial transportation business. A committee with representatives from different areas of the urban trucking field is now at work, and we hope to have this new product developed within a year.

FleetSmart Now Has "Webshops"

Did you miss our first Webcast, "How to Save Fuel Using Cab Heaters, Air Conditioners and Auxiliary Power Generators" for your fleet, November 20, 2002?

No problem! You can view this and future Webcast versions of FleetSmart webshops on-line via our Web site. If you don't have Web capability, you can order a free VHS videotape or CD-ROM version. Now fleet managers, dispatchers, maintenance personnel, trainers and drivers can still learn from workshops that they were unable to attend.

FleetSmart's workshop, "Getting the Most From the Engine ECM," took place on March 26, 2003. This will also be available to view on-line or in videotape or CD format approximately six weeks after the event.

Stay tuned and check our Web site regularly for updates. FleetSmart is planning several more workshops. Upcoming topics include:

  • "Fuel Efficient Truck Tires," planned for Spring 2003
  • "Automatic Transmissions for Trucks," planned for early fall 2003
  • "On-Board Technologies," planned for late fall 2003.

All will be available in Webcast, videotape and CD-ROM formats.

Truck Shows

FleetSmart will be participating at the following truck shows:

  • Atlantic Truck Show, Moncton, June 13-14
  • Fergus Truck Show, Fergus, Ontario July 25-27
  • Logfor, Québec, September 4-6
  • ExpoCam, Montréal, October 23-25

Be sure to stop by the FleetSmart booth, meet the FleetSmart team and find out what FleetSmart can do for you!

SmartDriver for Heavy-duty Vehicles Professional Development Workshops

FleetSmart is hosting a free series of one-day workshops for driver-trainers. Learn how to reduce fuel consumption, spec vehicles for fuel efficiency, improve driving practices and benefit from many other great energy-efficient tips. Please contact us for further information.

At the request of the motor coach and transit sectors, FleetSmart staff have been developing sector-specific programs for driving for fuel efficiency.

Inspired by the SmartDriver for Heavy-duty Vehicles program, volunteers from the motor coach and transit passenger carrier communities have been working to develop unique versions of the SmartDriver program for their operators.

"Managing fuel consumption is critical to large fuel consumers, particularly when you are focused on managing your costs per passenger," states Lynda Harvey of FleetSmart. In fact, after HR costs, fuel costs are a close second in your overall operating budget. "As prices continue to fluctuate and increase," Ms. Harvey notes, "we are seeing increased interest in specialized programs for our fleet clients."

The two new programs – SmartDriver for Motor Coach and SmartDriver for Transit – will have similarities and differences with the SmartDriver for Heavy-duty Vehicles program.

The transit operators program has a strong emphasis on coaching and on measuring "un-coached and coached" runs using trip data downloaded from the vehicle's ECM. "It's amazing the difference in fuel consumption from a driver's un-coached run. He then attends the SmartDriver in-class workshop, then takes his coached run," states Bryan Payne of the City of Edmonton. The vehicle's consumption of fuel can be reduced by as much as 30 percent, depending on a driver's previous experience. An additional spin-off for the drivers who have been participating in the pilot of the training material is that they find themselves applying the fuel-efficient driving techniques to their personal vehicles and sharing these tips with family members as well. Transit passengers are enjoying a smoother ride, and the drivers are finding themselves more relaxed.

The motor coach sector must also meet the needs of passengers, who spend long hours on the motor coach and are anxious to get to their destinations. Professional drivers will need the tools to answer passengers' questions on company practices as those companies introduce policies on speed and/or idling, which may appear to be different from how a passenger remembers a previous trip. These issues will be addressed in the motor coach edition of SmartDriver.

FleetSmart is hoping to have these programs available within the next year.

A Partnership With the Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators

FleetSmart is pleased to announce that it has signed a two-year agreement with the Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators to enlist students who are enrolled in a diesel and automotive technician program. Students will be undertaking fleet vehicle inventories to collect baseline fuel consumption data of fleets that wish to implement a fuel management plan and need some assistance to gather this most important information.

There are 14 community colleges from across Canada that are participating in this program. If you are a fleet manager and would like more information, please contact Eric Boudreault at (613) 992-6813.

Fuel Management 101

Have you been wondering how to introduce a fuel management plan at your company? Have you pulled together some ideas but still need some help? FleetSmart has the answer for you.

Starting this June, FleetSmart will be offering a one-day workshop, "Fuel Management 101," for fleet managers who wish to develop and implement a fuel management plan but don't know quite know where to start.

This workshop will provide you with a system to put a fuel management plan together, prioritize your actions, show you how to sell your plan to management and how to manage and monitor your progress.

This one-day workshop will be hosted across Canada by member colleges of the Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators. For further information, visit the FleetSmart Web site, or fax (613) 952-8169 for details on the launch, dates and locations of future workshops.

Members – Keep Us Up to Date!

We need you to verify that FleetSmart has your correct information. This is important for us to have in order to give members access to the discussion forum on our FleetSmart Web site and to ensure that you receive any updates on FleetSmart's activities. Contact us.