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  • Auto$mart Driver Education Kit Register for a Auto$mart Driver Education Kit
    The Auto$mart Driver Education Kit is a highly interactive, easy-to-use multi-media teaching resource that helps driver educators to instruct on fuel-efficient and safe driving practices in both in-class and in-car environments.

  • Auto$mart Registration
    Driver educators can register and receive a free copy of the Auto$mart Driver Education Kit and to enroll in a free workshop.

  • Auto$mart Acknowledgements
    Thanks to our stakeholders, who contributed time and consideration to the content of this project.

  • Auto$mart Guided Tour
    The Guided Tour is an informative and concise introduction to the Auto$mart Driver Kit which details the kit's components and tips on how the lessons can be integrated into any pre-existing driver education program.

  • Auto$mart – Video Series
    This entertaining video highlights the financial and environmental impacts of your buying, driving and maintenance habits.

  • Auto$mart DEN
    Driver educators can learn about what Natural Resources Canada is doing to promote the teaching of fuel efficiency in driver education across Canada in their own specific province/territory.

  • Auto$mart Student Certificate
    Create your own personal Auto$mart Student Certificates to acknowledge the newfound knowledge your students now possess once you have taught them fuel efficiency. Certificates can be printed or downloaded.

  • Auto$mart-Registered Driving Schools
    By registering with Auto$mart you can increase your visibility by having your school listed in the Auto$mart-Registered Driving Schools listing for student drivers.

  • Auto$mart Thinking – Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips
    This section offers a number of driving tips to help improve your vehicle's fuel consumption and minimize costs and greenhouse gas emissions.