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Mark Dalton: SmartDriver – A Murder Mystery With Tips for Smart Driving

Mark Dalton: SmartDriver's cover page

Truck drivers who are fans of the popular Mark Dalton series of short stories will want to read about his latest adventures in Mark Dalton: SmartDriver. This murder-mystery novel, published by FleetSmart and the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council, is a tale of stolen cars, hijacking, kidnapping, road rage and attempted murder. And because the themes of fuel efficiency and smart driving are worked into the story, it's the perfect read for long-haul truckers looking to pass the time on layovers and at loading docks.

Who Is Mark Dalton?

Mark Dalton is the fictional truck owner-operator in short stories by Edo van Belkom, published in Truck News / Truck West magazine. In Mark Dalton: SmartDriver, Mark takes his dispatcher's nephew, Jimmy, on the road. Know-it-all Jimmy has just finished a driver-training course, but with Mark he learns about SmartDriver tips, such as coasting to a stop, progressive shifting, proper tire inflation, covering the load and reducing idling.

Connecting Owner-Operators With SmartDriver Tips on the Road

FleetSmart offers free practical advice on how energy-efficient vehicles and driving practices can reduce costs and make fleets more productive and competitive. Mark Dalton: SmartDriver is FleetSmart's latest way to reach busy truck owner-operators with the message that fuel savings and smart driving go hand in hand.

After reading the book, drivers will be able to visit the FleetSmart Web site and take the SmartDriver Self-Study Challenge, a 25-question quiz. And once a driver completes the quiz, FleetSmart will send a certificate of completion. If Web access is not available to complete the quiz, FleetSmart will send a copy to you in the mail.

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